Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Fall!

To reiterate, I love fall! The boys and I had a grand ole time this weekend doing fall things. We carved us some pumpkins, roasted the seeds (Mmmmm), and then made caramel apples. All the while I was wearing insulated socks and three layers of clothes. That's fall in Michigan. Oh, it frosted last night so this morning when I moved the pumpkins they had a ring of frost (or as it looked to me, tiny icicles) around the places we cut. Nice...

Me, Connor, and my brother Owen carving pumpkins

Like how I used permanent marker to draw the outline? My thinking cap was not on.

Jamie was helping me arrange them outside since he couldn't help carve.

Then we tried our hand at caramel apples. And yes, we're totally cheating using caramel circles and it was soooo worth it!

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  1. What a good mom! Looks like the boys had fun! Glad you got to carmalize those apples ;-)