Monday, October 26, 2009

Flannel Shirt and Riding Boot Obsession

It happened when the weather started getting a bit colder, this strange obsession with flannel shirts and riding boots. I’m totally in love with them. After going years without even thinking about flannel shirts, I now catch myself thinking longingly about getting more. (I’ve picked up a couple this year and am desperate to expand my collection) I’ve gone so far as to ask my dad for his old ones. Unlike me, he never stopped wearing them. I want to make them into a dress… Not exactly sure how that will go but I plan on giving it a whirl. Riding boots, on the other hand, are new to me. I’ve never owned a pair and really, really want to. I started a riding boot fund and so far have 50 cents. It’s a work in progress.

These are the boots from Anthropologie I'm savin' my pennies for



I just love this whole outfit! Check it out here

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