Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bestie!

It's my partner in crafting-crimes birthday today! Happy B-day!!!
(call me I've got great news... and your b-day present)

Friday, March 26, 2010

The TV Theme Medley

I stumbled upon this 24-year-old Swede (how cute is he?) and was amazed to learn that it isn’t in fact twins singing together but him twice. Excellent! Recording the guitar and keyboard versions separately. How amazing is that!!!?? My favorite renditions: X-Files and Trublood. His voice makes me melt and you can hear a tiny bit of an accent. Bonus!

Fredde Gredde AKA Fredrik Larsson

Seriously, how adorable is he? Check out his site with other vidoes that he's done at FreddeGredde

(I'm not gonna lie; his Vampire Bride video made me cringe and I could only watch 20 seconds but it's a pretty song)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Why, yes, I am partially Irish. Not sure if my auburn hair, horrible amount of freckles, or inability to tan gave it away? Or maybe it was that my sons are named Connor and Jameson? I <3 being a little Irish... especially on today! Sláinte!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnet project

The boys hard at work on the magnets.
(I repurposed my dad's old shirts as paint smocks)
Con did one of the Irish flag. That's the spirit!
I also buy the kiddies (and me) these notepads and every night the boys are supposed to write in them. It's to help Con with his writing, punctuation, and penmanship but Jamie's the one that cries if he doesn't get to. These are the second ones this year. Jamie already filled his up with dino stories and hand pictures. (He tells a story and scribbles on the page. It is SO cute!) I usually just cover them with contact paper so they're a little cuter but this time I wanted to paint one. So I did. Only one problem... I decorated the back. Awesome! *shrug* Oh, well. Live and Learn.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twilight Eclipse - "Official" Movie Trailer - March 2010

I'm a Twi-hard. I LOVE the books and have read them all multiple times. I was horribly disappointed in the first movie but was pleased with the second and now I'm super excited for the third. It certainly helps that Taylor Lautner has his shirt off most of the time. Well done movie people, well done.

Etsy Awesomeness

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this... Thought I would share this Dear Colleen print. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Projects Galore!

I was reading If Wishes Were Horses by Anne Mccaffrey yesterday (she's my favorite author but this wasn't one of her best. I'd recommend any of the Dragon Riders of Pern books. Those are ALL phenomenal) at the end of the book was a preview of Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson. So I read the first chapter of that and was of course hooked. I loaded Jamie in the car and we went to Borders where I was horribly disappointed to discover they didn't have it in stock! So, we went to Joann's to make me feel better. (I also ordered all three of the books in the trilogy off Amazon when I got home- Yeah!)
I did find this Amy Butler Sew-it Kit in the clearance section of Borders... Sew Excited!!!

The boys and I are going to make wooden magnets to hold up important artwork :)

I've been planning on making Jamie a capelet for a while now and since it's almost officially Spring I should really get started. He found these adorable dinosaur buttons and I now I have no excuses.

It's not done yet but this just might be as good as it gets. I wanted to add kissy lips in hot pink over the 4-leaf clover I sewed on but nothing is working. I tired cutting it out of felt, that didn't work. I tried embroidery thread, so NOT my forte. I think I just might zig zag the hot pink thread over top and call it good.

This project I'm super excited about! I bought a curtain exactly like the one above from goodwill, cut it up into cushion covers to cover these functional yet unattractive cushions. What has me so excited about this project is that Con made the CMC picture with the colors of our living room. I had originally intended on revamping the lovely orange church pew but it's grown on me and I kinda love it just the way it is. (Even with my turquoise walls.) So, I got fabric paint and we’re going to paint the cushion covers to look like Cons artwork! I think it will be fun

Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Crazy

I celebrated the big 2-9 Saturday... Well, come to think of it I celebrated all week, starting the festivites on Monday. It's a little crazy but I actually got a lot done between partying and recovering. 
Had a sleep over at my friends house with their kiddies. Tons of fun! Here's the crew eating breakfast.
Made this wrist band but didn't like how short it was so...
I made it longer. Way better!!!
Then decided that I needed a pair for St. Patty's day
Also, made this nifty sun catcher necklace.
Got these beautiful Elsie prints for my b-day!!! So of course I had to make a pendant banner for them.
My bestie's b-day is this month so I made this little journal holder for her. Yes, the buttons don't match. Yes, it's a little off center. Yes, I made it myself :)
I made a bunch more stuff and I'll post it as soon as I take some pictures. Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Color Career

I took this nifty little test at careerpath it said that my occupational category was: Social Manager. This was the awesome part; the first suggested occupation was Radio or TV producer! How did they know that behind Movie Critic and Ninja that I would LOVE to be a producer!!!??
It also said: "You are sincerely concerned for the welfare of others. Your kind, humanistic nature allows you to help those who can't help themselves. Others see you as idealistic, ethical, and responsible" My friends do see this in me only they call it: Unrealistically Optimistic... I'll take it!