Monday, November 15, 2010

What-up Etsy? It's been a while

Well, hello friends!
I’ve had an Etsy store for a few years now. I was really active in it for a while and slowly lost interest. It’s been inactive for over a year now. There was just too much information, listings, stuff to get through to even find my tiny little store. I became disillusioned. Funny thing was, I realized, it wasn’t Etsy’s fault. I was not putting in the time or effort necessary to make it a success.

There’s a big movement out there to by handmade, up-cycle, and make things with your hands and I LOVE it!!! I’m crafty but I tend to forget that in order to make something successful you have to work at it. I’m so forgetful! I’m revising my outlook and redefining success. It’s not about making money (that’s just a happy side effect. Don’t look at me like that, I was unemployed for a year and live in Michigan!) It’s about being crafty! It’s about doing something that makes me happy, something that I can share with my boys. So I’ll probably expand my store offerings, maybe revamp the whole thing but I’ll be there again. Drop by and check it out! Senza Rotture. (There is also a nifty button on the right ---> see it?) Let me know what you think. I’m always looking for new ideas, constructive criticism, and helpful suggestions.

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