Thursday, March 3, 2011

Permission Granted

I was getting my daily blog fix over at scoutiegirl and came across her post about poke-the-box . This really hit a chord with me. Reading it brought tears to my eyes because I often let my fear of failing keep me from doing things. I have a list of million dollar ideas, seriously, that will stay a list until something is done about them. How often do you feel like your creativity or uniqueness is stifled or you want to hide it because you’re just not doing what everyone else is doing?

Strangely enough I was feeling that exact way this morning getting ready for work. I received this amazing scarf for Christmas, fell in love instantly, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to wear it in public. I love it but would other people? Would they love it on me? I got ready for work this morning with the intent to wear it with a belt to keep it in place but I chickened out. I wore layers incase this happened. It’s with me right now and I’m going to the bathroom and putting it back on! And you know what, this might be a HUGE fail in the fashion department but that’s okay!!! I’m allowed to fail... A lot!


  1. You are allowed to forgive me for being MIA for so long, and come play/cause trouble/laugh till you can't breathe/down tons of coffee with me as soon as possible. I really miss you Chica!

    (LOVE the "you are allowed"!)

  2. lol! I miss you too!!! You can consider yourself forgiven when we "play/cause trouble/laugh till you can't breathe/down tons of coffee with me" soon!!! Call me chickadee and we'll schedule a play date ;)


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