Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've been told that both my grandma's had treadle Singer sewing machines. I'd like to say that my new obsession with them is due to memories of my childhood but that would be lying. I don't remember anything about my grandma's sewing machines. Sewing machines were never of any interest to me when I was younger.

When I was sixteen my mother gave me a sewing machine as a birthday present. I cried. She told me then, “one day you'll thank me that you have this.” After years and years of disinterest I got it out to sew my baby-on-the-way a quilt and I haven't put it away since. (Seriously, it sits on my kitchen table and only goes to the craft room if I have to.)

I know exactly where my new obsession stems. Cash and Cari, the HGTV show, I totally blame them. They were having an estate sale next to my best friends house so we ventured over for a peek and the first thing I notice is a busted up vintage Singer sitting in a puddle on the garage floor. I went through the whole house and didn’t see anything else that sparked my interest. I asked how much but alas it was way more than I had on me so I passed. I might have said no thanks to that one but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I hopped on Craiglist mostly to show myself what a deal I missed out on but instead I found one in my town at a great price! Talk about the stars aligning!

This is my vintage Singer, made in 1900. Isn't she gorgeous for 111 years old?! I'm so excited to get this beauty working again.

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