Friday, March 12, 2010

Magnet project

The boys hard at work on the magnets.
(I repurposed my dad's old shirts as paint smocks)
Con did one of the Irish flag. That's the spirit!
I also buy the kiddies (and me) these notepads and every night the boys are supposed to write in them. It's to help Con with his writing, punctuation, and penmanship but Jamie's the one that cries if he doesn't get to. These are the second ones this year. Jamie already filled his up with dino stories and hand pictures. (He tells a story and scribbles on the page. It is SO cute!) I usually just cover them with contact paper so they're a little cuter but this time I wanted to paint one. So I did. Only one problem... I decorated the back. Awesome! *shrug* Oh, well. Live and Learn.

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