Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Crazy

I celebrated the big 2-9 Saturday... Well, come to think of it I celebrated all week, starting the festivites on Monday. It's a little crazy but I actually got a lot done between partying and recovering. 
Had a sleep over at my friends house with their kiddies. Tons of fun! Here's the crew eating breakfast.
Made this wrist band but didn't like how short it was so...
I made it longer. Way better!!!
Then decided that I needed a pair for St. Patty's day
Also, made this nifty sun catcher necklace.
Got these beautiful Elsie prints for my b-day!!! So of course I had to make a pendant banner for them.
My bestie's b-day is this month so I made this little journal holder for her. Yes, the buttons don't match. Yes, it's a little off center. Yes, I made it myself :)
I made a bunch more stuff and I'll post it as soon as I take some pictures. Happy Monday!!!

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