Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today I finished my Christmas shopping. The Christmas making is not done however, not even close. I want to make hats for the kids, leg warmers for Ava, and stuffed animals for them too but I’m currently unmotivated. I hope this changes soon because Christmas is almost upon us.I made these cute little collage prints today with all intentions of mailing them as Christmas cards. Simple, easy, and cute, it's a perfect combination.
This is for my dad. A collection of pictures of all of his grandkids. Who wouldn't like that?
Also for my dad.
This is for Chris. I made it with a $3.50 frame from Meijer. I used cork board laminate over the glass and stuck the pictures on. I'm going to have each of the boys make a picture or write a note to tac on it.

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