Monday, May 16, 2011

Skittle Theory Version 2.0

I posted a while ago about my skittle theory but it wasn't a very good explanation. So I'm going to give it another whirl let me know what you think: Like any bag of skittles there is a variety of colors. So you try a red and it's good but not great, a green is just not for you, yellow's are a lot of fun but too much drama, another red just for kicks, then you come across an orange and they're the perfect fit, just right in every way. Then some cosmic kick-in-the balls occurs and they are no longer in your life. Does that mean they weren't the one for you? No, it means that you're perfect match is an orange. It's just digging through all the other colors to figure that out. There's not one person for everyone, there's a handful :) That's my skittle theory, hope you enjoyed.
 Love is like a bag of skittles...

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