Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skittle Theory

I was lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep and had the most random thought. I was thinking that everyone is a little bit crazy (you laugh but you know it’s true) and when you’re dating you are trying to determine if that person’s crazy will mesh with your crazy. So what’s love then I think to myself? Love is embracing the crazy you discovered while dating. Hello light bulb moment!!
Found the beautiful back picture here.

Which brings me to my skittle theory:

You have a bag of skittles, which represent everyone (it’s a REALLY big bag). Now through the dating process you try a red, yellow, another red, and a blue. Then you try a green. And you’re like ‘This is by far my favorite color.’ And you marry it. There are a handful of perfect colors for you. Not just one. So don’t worry if you thought that blue was your soul mate. He was an idiot, your orange will show up when you least expect it. <3

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