Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weddings and Babies

This week has the making of greatness and it’s only Tuesday! Yesterday one of my bestie’s told me that she finally picked a day for her wedding, June 25th of this year, and asked me to be in it. Of course I would love to be in your wedding you silly girl! The scale of awesomeness continues to rise as today is my sisters due date. Baby Ellie is due today!!! I mentioned to her that it would be soooo cool if she was born on Valentine’s Day (6 days AFTER her due date) to which my sister emphatically replied “No!”

Here are a few reasons she should be born on Valentine's Day against my sisters wishes:
She would always get presents
She would wear lots of reds and pinks (if she's anything like her sister this will apply anyway)

She would always have a valentine and get these cute things:

Her middle name could be Romance, Amore, Adore, Rose, Heart or Valentine. I have a weakness for awesome/unusual middle names. My youngest son's middle name is Danger. True story.

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