Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Awkward Day

What Valentine's Day should be known as. Society has said that Valentine's Day is the day where you reaffirm the love that you feel for the people that you or whatever. Or, as most people do, just tell everyone, even those who you don't love, "Happy Valentines Day". Why? I've always thought it was a pointless holiday. You should be telling the people you love that you love them everyday not just once a year.

It really should be a day for saying the things that aren't socially acceptable to tell people on a regular basis. Like: "You're a Slacker", "You Really Annoy Me" or "You Smell". See... Awkward! Things that you'd like to say but just never really felt like it was right. Also, "I Love You" most certainly fits this holiday description for some people.

Any-who, Con and Jamie had Valentine's Day parties at school and they were supposed to decorate a box. I really like bucking tradition and decided to make Valentine's Day burlap envelopes. This picture is a bit grainy but there's a postage stamp in the top right corner. :) The boys liked them and that's all that mattered.

Happy Awkward Day!

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